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The Roots of the Bicycle Hangar run back to the beginning of Missoula.  Members of the Kern family were here in the 1880 census.  The Bicycle Business has been in the Kern Blood from almost the very beginning of bicycling.  HR Kern had a bicycle shop at 125 east Main in the 1890s and early 1900s.  Rick Kern opened the Bicycle Hangar in 1980.

Free Adjustments for Life from the Missoula Bicycle Hangar

With every New Bicycle purchase from the Bicycle Hangar you receive Free Adjustments for Life.  Not 90 days or 30 days like most dealers in Missoula, Free Adjustments for life.   How can we offer this?  We are dedicated to serving our customers and helping you enjoy cycling.  We also know that properly adjusted bicycles are more fun to ride.  We want to help you have more fun on your bicycle.


Bicycle Hangar
1801 Brooks
Missoula, Mt 59801

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  1. Scott Rouse says:

    Tried to ride Deer Creek sneak today. You can get to within appx 1 mile from the top. 1 week of good weather and it will be open.

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