Caras Park

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Caras Park Article from Wikipedia


Caras Park, located just south of the historic Wilma Theatre downtown, was created as a result of a land reclamation project done as the state highway department replaced the aging, two-lane Higgins Avenue Bridge in 1962 with the current four-lane structure. Before the reclamation, the Clark Fork River divided to create an island with the north channel’s bank extending to nearby buildings such as the Wilma Theatre.

The south channel was deepened for the increased water flow and the infilled land later became Caras Park.[91] Events in the park were not common until the early 1980s and permanent fixtures like Out to Lunch that began in 1986.

The Missoula Downtown Association took over from Parks and Recreation for management of the park and made improvements to make Caras Park more event friendly. Seating, event circles, brick plazas, restrooms, and storage structures were added. Large temporary tents were used for events until 1997 when a permanent Caras Park Pavilion was constructed.[92] With its centralized, waterfront location the park has become the hub of Missoula’s festivities.

These include Out to Lunch, the International Wildlife Film Festival, First Night Missoula, Garden City BrewFest and offered intimate concert settings for artists such as Jewel, Chris Isaak, Santana, Ziggy Marley, and B.B. King.[93] Located next to Caras Park is ‘A Carousel for Missoula’, a wooden, hand-carved and volunteer-built carousel; and ‘Dragon Hollow’, a magical play land adjacent to the carousel.

Great Used Cars in Missoula

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Strand Motors of Missoula is located next to the Bicycle Hangar at 1801 Brooks.

They have a growing selection of Used Cars, Subarus, Trucks and Jeeps.

Here is a link to Used Cars in Missoula.

Specializing in great values in used Subarus, Fords, Chevrolets and other vehicles. Right now they have a couple of used Subarus in stock that are particularly good values. Check out this Used Subaru Impreza.

Manual Transmissions are quite popular in used Subarus. Many cars will be devalued because they have a manual transmission instead of an automatic. However enough Subaru lovers like driving with a Stick that normally there will not be a discount on the price of an Outback if it has a manual transmission.

Here is a link from Turners Used Cars of Missoula.

Missoula Car & Truck has been family owned and operated since 1977, and is conveniently located in Missoula Montana. Here at Missoula Car & Truck, we specialize in the finest used and pre-owned car and heavy duty work trucks in all of Missoula County. It is our goal to provide the very best in vehicle sales and service for the state of Montana.

Friends of Missoula Gazette

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The Bicycle Hangar Call them at 406-728-9537 for all your Cycling needs.

Missoula Green Carpet Cleaning Call Joe at 406-214-6504

Wordens Market has been around forever and just keeps getting betterr.  Great Sandwiches.

While I’m in Downtown one of my favorite places to eat is the Iron Horse Brew Pub.

Liquid Assets Pawn was opened by Kevin Pfau.  I have known Kevin since he had all his hair.  They have a huge selection of items.

Gary Hall with Secure Fence has also been a friend of mine since he was just a Youngster.  Great Fencing Company in Missoula Secure Fence.

There are two great gunshops just south of Missoula Axmen South and Trader Brothers.


Missoula Steel Buildings

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Steel Structures America Inc. is represented in Missoula, Montana by Jeff Skiftun.

Jeff’s can be reached at 406.241*4536.

We can build anything.  We have built hundreds of Barns, Commercial buildings, Garages, Mini Storage Units, Carports, Homes and more.  We have almost an unlimited variety of options for your building.

SSA is headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho.

Jeff covers all of Western Montana from Missoula, Kalispell, Polson, Hamilton,Whitefish, Libby, Darby and anywhere in between.


**** The Classic Red barn by Steel Structures of America

A little Background on Steel Structures of America.  Located in Post Falls, Idaho they are one of the premier Builders of Steel structures in the Inland Northwest.  They have a wealth of experience building wood framed steel buildings.  The process is fast and efficient.  They are one of the few construction companies that will deliver your building and build it on schedule.
Read more

Missoula Green Carpet Cleaning

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Missoula Green Carpet Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaner in Missoula.  We welcome Joe Burnich and his wife Diana as a sponsor of the Missoula Gazette.  They employ the Rotovac 360 deep cleaning  system  along with the safest cleaning agents available.  Check out their website Missoula Green Carpet Cleaning or give them a call for a free quote.  Most residential estimates can be given over the phone.



Call Joe at 406-214-6504

Credit Cards Accepted

Missoula Hotels

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Here is a link to a unique website about Missoula Hotels.  Many of the Hotels are photographed by a local photographer.

There are a lot of Hotels in Missoula.  Most are near the Freeway exits at Reserve Street (exit 101) and Orange Street (exit 104) and  Van Buren St. Exit 106.  The Wingate is located just off Airway Blvd (exit 99).

There are also several near the junction of Hwy 93 South and Reserve Street on the southern edge of Missoula.

The rates will change with the season. The busiest seasons for Missoula hotels are weekends there are Grizzly football games in Missoula, U of M Graduation weekend and the summer months. Missoula is a central location to view western Montana.

University of Montana Area Video

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The University of Montana is an integral part of the Missoula community.  Providing education for our state and entertainment for the locals.  Here is a great video on the houses in the University District near the U campus.

Bicycle Hangar Missoula

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The Roots of the Bicycle Hangar run back to the beginning of Missoula.  Members of the Kern family were here in the 1880 census.  The Bicycle Business has been in the Kern Blood from almost the very beginning of bicycling.  HR Kern had a bicycle shop at 125 east Main in the 1890s and early 1900s.  Rick Kern opened the Bicycle Hangar in 1980.

Free Adjustments for Life from the Missoula Bicycle Hangar

With every New Bicycle purchase from the Bicycle Hangar you receive Free Adjustments for Life.  Not 90 days or 30 days like most dealers in Missoula, Free Adjustments for life.   How can we offer this?  We are dedicated to serving our customers and helping you enjoy cycling.  We also know that properly adjusted bicycles are more fun to ride.  We want to help you have more fun on your bicycle.


Bicycle Hangar
1801 Brooks
Missoula, Mt 59801

Check out our website The Missoula Bicycle Hangar

Woods Gulch Trail Missoula

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One of my favorite bike rides is the Woods Gulch trail in Missoula.  To get there go up Rattlesnake Drive and at the entrance to the Rattlesnake Recreation Area take a right turn instead of going left to the Main Trailhead.  You will go about a half mile up Woods Gulch road.  The road turns into a private road and there are a couple of parking spots at the little trail head.

The Woods Gulch Trail goes up.  It is a tough grind up on a bike.  In the last few years there has been a new bridge added and an extension of the trail has been added to eliminate a fairly steep section of the trail.  This addition added a very rocky shale section.

Woods Gulch Trail February 2009
The Bridge on the Woods Gulch Trail February 2009. This is as far as I got up the trail, the snow made it a lot of work.

This is one of my favorite workout climbs.  The climb is all ride able but it is a good chunk of work. 
As you get near the top there is a split in the trail both splits end up on the old logging road. The right hits the logging road and then continues up toward Sheep mountain. If you look off to the right on the logging road you are overlooking the old Marshall Ski Area.

Going right on the logging road will take you down to the Marshal Canyon road. Going left on the logging road will take you to the Three Larch Trail.

Rick Kern

Brennan’s Wave Missoula

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Brennan's Wave viewed from the Kim Williams Trail Missoula
Brennan’s Wave viewed from the other side of the Clark Fork on the Kim Williams Trail Missoula.

Brennan’s Wave was built to create a play spot for kayakers right next to Caras Park in downtown Misssoula on the Clark Fork.  It is a man made engineered whitewater playpool.

Brennan’s Wave is named after Brennan Guth a local Missoulian that was very active in the Msla Kayaking community.  He died in Chile in 2001.

There is a nice overlook for watching the Kayakers play.  This playpool was designed to work at the different water flows that the river has during the different seasons.  This $300,000 project has been a great addition to the Missoula Downtown.  From early spring almost until the cold ices up the river you will find people enjoying this great little watering hole.

This is a quick Video of Brennan’s Wave.

Brennans Wave1
Brennans Wave2
Brennans Wave Sculpture

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